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Tell The Truth

It's Monday in the office
another day of dread
my life being wasted
my soul not being fed.

I count the hours to lunchtime
I just can't wait to go home
but that's the price I pay
for my prison called the comfort zone.

I stare out of the office window
drinking my herbal tea
wishing the boss just would piss off
and leave me the fuck be.

Am I ungrateful to feel this way
when millions are down on their job luck.
Knowing that many would be shouting at me
stop moaning, what the fuck!

Happiness is a luxury they say
in this time of recession.
It may well be
but not for me
as this is my confession.

I cannot breathe.
I need to leave
my hair is going grey.
But I have always been a worrier about what other people will say!

Failing to see a way out,
I sought therapy
where my therapist helped me see
that my panic attacks are a sign
that my life is killing me.

What is it going to take she asks?
What is it you can't see?
That you can choose a life of happiness
or certain misery.
Life is for the living
and allowing yourself the best.
Are you willing to be courageous
because life is one big treasure chest.

She says one thing I know for a fact
that if you don't sort out your act
and stop playing at being small
the price you'll pay
I hate to say
is to have no life at all.

A bitter pill to swallow,
the truth is always hard to hear.
I hate coming to the sessions
as I cry many tears.
Counselling is not easy.
It is not for the weak
as some sessions feel terribly painful and awfully bleak.
But it is a price worth paying,
to know who I am.
And with your support,
I realise I should be all that I can.

Each session she challenges
in the hope that I will be the best of me.
Yet I put up a good resistance,
and consequently my dreams remain at a distance.
Out of reach.
Yet I know intrinsically the truth will set me free.

I'm tired of putting up with stuff.
It's time to want much more.
This chapter is finally over
I'm ready to walk out the door.

Tell the truth
It's over.
Let the real me begin
The trophy prize can only be
that I win, win, win!

Thank you
for always believing in me,
even when are sessions have been like crossing stormy seas.
With your help, I am ready to start a new adventure in my life.
These sessions have certainly been worth all the strife
For the treasure that I have discovered is the gift of me.
I am so ready to be all that I can be.

Poem by Mary
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