10th August 2022 

A Dialogue With My Inner Critic

When exciting things happen
without fail you tear it apart
You're always so belittling
I end up losing heart.

You love to disempower
making me constantly second guess
Our relationship is not working
need to get this off my chest.

Your words never feed my spirit
they always cut me off at the knees
You are a soul "assassin"
Spare me you're excuses please.

You say you're there to protect me
that you've always got my back
Wish you'd say well done more
instead you constantly attack.

Your words never encourage
They create crippling self-doubt
I try positive self-affirmations
to snuff your negativity out.

Your presence casts a shadow
you contaminate my joy
when I question you about this
you act all innocent and coy.

I am tired of your mind games
they really deplete me
your worse than the haters
you make me so angry.

You are a despicable coward
who feeds on my vulnerable soul
don't want to work in partnership
you strive for 100% control.

You're the one with the fears
cleverly projected onto me
disguised yourself as my friend
a perpetrator of abuse I now see.

Wanted us to understand each other
even contemplated going to Relate
however there has been too much damage
it's impossible for us to be mates.

Now I'm ready to soar
please move out my way
no longer will you blight my life
not even for one more day.

Here is the decree absolute
I'm glad that we're divorced
Your unrelenting negativity
has taken my life off course.

By Marcia Atkinson
From my first collection of poetry Raising The Bar: A Poetry Outing